Where has the time gone?



Seriously, it’s October? Are you serious? I’ve been absolutely terrible about posting here, but with Wolves season just around the corner (their first preseason game is Tuesday night), it’s time I got back to business. Oh, I have been writing plenty of places on the internet, believe me. I even have a new gig (Fear the Sword) that I’ve never posted about, because like I said above, I’m terrible.

That said, I wrote an elegy to mySynergySports over at Hardwood Paroxysm on Friday, and I figured, what better way to update my personal blog than with an elegy. An excerpt:

“Farewell, adieu, auf wiedersehen, goodbye mySynergySports, you ugly though beautiful flower, you pricy but valuable asset, you clunky yet vital tool. The consumer version of you, the kind the common man could afford, no longer exists. We were unceremoniously informed of your demise via an error message, a cold, impersonal greeting awaiting us as we hoped to scout NBA games via your glorious, laborious software.”

Check out the full thing here.

And I promise, it won’t be nearly a full month until I post next.

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