Exploring three misconceptions about new Cleveland Cavaliers power forward Kevin Love

From 9/26/2014:

From the moment the Minnesota Timberwolves made the unwise decision to withhold a max five-year offer to Kevin Love, there was chatter about where he’d play next, because he clearly¬†wasn’t long for Minnesota. Few things move the needle like speculating about player movement, and due to Love’s unsettled circumstances, he was on everyone’s mind, mostly because he was never far away from the headlines. The attention led to criticism, sometimes fair, sometimes unfair. But even the harshest critics of Love’s game would have admitted, if pressed, that they’d like to have him on their team. Which is exactly where Cavaliers fans find themselves right now.

Despite Cleveland’s joy at their surreal offseason moves, there are a few misconceptions about Love that simmer below the surface and deserve attention (and debunking).

Read the whole thing over at SB Nation’s Fear the Sword.

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