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From 12/1/2014: Trail Blazers 107, Timberwolves 93

“Fans and media see the effort put forth on the basketball court and make judgments about players low interest unsecured loan based on that alone; for coaches, however, games are only part of the equation. Exemplary effort or energy when the lights are on is one thing, but knowing the playbook and understanding the subtle aspects of your offensive and defensive assignments is another. Practice habits are key. A simple, cliched way to put it: the process is more important than the results, and people outside the locker room and front office are only afforded glimpses of the process.

Which brings us to Shabazz Muhammad. The Wolves’ second-year man out of UCLA put up 28 points in 29 minutes, shooting 12-of-17 from the floor while adding 5 rebounds (4 on the offensive glass) in Minnesota’s loss to Portland. He employed an array of post moves (a few even utilized his right hand) and weakside cuts to tally 20 of his 28 points in the painted area, an absurdly high amount for a 6’5 non-dribble-driver.

What’s endeared Muhammad to fans is his energy cartoon porn games and fearlessness. He dives onto the floor and into baseline crowds to save loose balls. He fearlessly skies through the air for putbacks and rebounds, and aggressively takes the fight to his man on the low block. For these reasons, Wolves observers are beginning to murmur that Shabazz has earned more playing time, and perhaps even a promotion to the starting lineup as long as Kevin Martin is injured.


Read the full thing over at A Wolf Among Wolves.

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