One More Dollar, I’m Going Home

From 11/16/2014:

“Speaking of hustle, Shabazz Muhammad  scored 18 points on 6-of-7 shooting, grabbed 4 rebounds (2 offensive) and dished out 2 assists. All of his minutes came in the second half, when things were already well out of hand, but if there’s one thing to say about Shabazz, it’s that he doesn’t give a crap what the score is. He battles for every rebound and takes the fight to his defender, whether it’s on the block or in transition. He must be giving Flip and the rest of the coaching staff something to think about. When he checks in, he’s always ready, and good things usually happen.

That concludes the positive portion of this recap.

Minnesota played the final four and a half games of their long road trip without their best defender (Ricky Rubio), and the final two games without Thad Young, who is at least serviceable at that end. But holy moly, you guys, the Timberwolves’ defense was a record-setting kind of awful against New Orleans and wasn’t much better against Dallas.”

Read the full thing over at A Wolf Among Wolves.

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