March Calendar of Events

A handy preview of the month ahead. @BreakTheHuddle, E-mail: Date      Classification                      Event ALL         Boring                                National Women’s History Month ALL         Very Boring                       National ‘Save Your Vision’ Month ALL         Dull / MLB                         Spring Training games in AZ and FL ALL         NCAA Basketball             Madness 8th           NFL                                   Peyton Manning is due $28 million roster bonus 8th           Holiday                             Purim (Google it. …read in detail

Breaking News: Millionaire NFL Players Need Further Financial Incentives to Perform Better

But what would bounty systems look like in other sports? @BreakTheHuddle (E-mail:   News broke yesterday detailing the New Orleans Saints’ system for rewarding defensive players financially for making plays such as interceptions or sacks, but also for injuring opponents, and it set the NFL world ablaze.[i] Bounties have long been a part of …read in detail

Drafting the Drafts: A Rough Draft (Chart)

A cross-sport comparison of each league’s entry level draft. @BreakTheHuddle (E-mail:   Ever wanted to know the differences between the draft in each of the four major sports (NFL, MLB, NBA and NHL)? Well, click on the link below, and I’ll tell you all about them.