Get to the Point (Guard): LeBron’s Search for a One

  Today at Hardwood Paroxysm I discussed LeBron James’ affinity for point guards, and how playing without an elite one the past few years may have contributed to his decision to head back to Cleveland (where he will team up with Kyrie Irving). An excerpt: “(T)he decision to move to Cleveland wasn’t motivated solely by …read in detail

Long Live the 1953-54 Minneapolis Lakers!

    Once a week, the writers at Hardwood Paroxysm collaborate on an article for best low interest personal loans FanSided, our parent website. This week’s topic was our favorite basketball teams of all-time, and wanting to honor Minnesota basketball history (while simultaneously being cheeky and unique,) I chose to write about the last NBA champion the Land of 10,000 …read in detail

In Defense of Kevin Love (Yuck)

  The other day, news broke that current-but-soon-to-be-former-Timberwolf Kevin Love withdrew from USA Basketball’s FIBA World Cup roster due to uncertainty over his future. Basically, an injury would just about halt any ongoing trade talks, which could affect Love’s ultimate goals of being traded to a winner and signing a lucrative extension with them. payday loans on line Makes …read in detail

Robbie Hummel is Back with the Timberwolves

  Robbie Hummel has returned to the Timberwolves on a 1 year, $880,000 deal. This may not be particularly earth-shattering news, but other than the Draft, it’s the only transaction the team has made in awhile. I broke down Hummel (and evaluated the roster as it stands right now over at A Wolf Among Wolves: …read in detail

Shakespeare and Love

  Recently, I discussed the phenomenon of revisionist history and breakup coping mechanisms as they pertain to Kevin Love, all through the consolidated loan calculator lens of William Shakespeare: “In Shakespearean tragedies, ill-fated romances almost always conclude with the gruesome, if eloquently narrated, death of one or both the characters involved. Thankfully, the tumultuous partnership between Kevin Love and the Timberwolves isn’t so dire; he’s …read in detail

The Decision 2.0: Lebrocalypse Now

Over at Hardwood Paroxysm, the entire crew is taking turns waxing poetic about The Decision 2.0, the impending free agency of Lebron James. My contribution centered around everything that will be different this time around. An excerpt: “There will still be hot takes. There will still be morons on social media. There will instant cash flow even be …read in detail