New Impressions of an Old Offense

In my latest over at A Wolf Among Wolves, I break down the above video and discuss how the Timberwolves will shoot a lot of midrange jumpers in 2014-15. Analytical trends in the NBA show that midrange shots are the least efficient in basketball, yet Flip Saunders’ track record as a coach suggests they’ll still …read in detail

Freaks and Fried Alligator

  Despite my disdain for consumerism, large crowds, unruly children and price gouging, I made my way to the Minnesota State Fair today because that’s where the Timberwolves were introducing four of their newest acquisitions: Andrew Wiggins, Anthony Bennett, Thaddeus Young and Zach LaVine. I wrote about the experience over at A Wolf Among Wolves: …read in detail

Robbie Hummel is Back with the Timberwolves

  Robbie Hummel has returned to the Timberwolves on a 1 year, $880,000 deal. This may not be particularly earth-shattering news, but other than the Draft, it’s the only transaction the team has made in awhile. I broke down Hummel (and evaluated the roster as it stands right now over at A Wolf Among Wolves: …read in detail

Shakespeare and Love

  Recently, I discussed the phenomenon of revisionist history and breakup coping mechanisms as they pertain to Kevin Love, all through the lens of William Shakespeare: “In Shakespearean tragedies, ill-fated romances almost always conclude with the gruesome, if eloquently narrated, death of one or both the characters involved. Thankfully, the tumultuous partnership between Kevin Love and the Timberwolves isn’t so dire; he’s …read in detail

Timberwolves Select LaVine, Pass on Hood, Harris, Payne

With the 13th overall pick in the NBA Draft, the Timberwolves selected Zach LaVine, guard, UCLA. His reaction led plenty of people to overreact (myself included) because we couldn’t really tell if LaVine was expressing frustration or relief at the prospect of heading to Minnesota. At 6’6, 181 pounds, LaVine averaged 9.4 points, 2.5 rebounds …read in detail

Flip Saunders and Kevin Love are in a Staring Contest

  Kevin Love took a little trip to the #CityofChamps this weekend (Boston), which turned up the heat on the Minnesota front office. I wrote about the difficult position Flip Saunders has found himself in over at A Wolf Among Wolves – “It’s easy to view the Summer of Love from the outside and wax …read in detail

Apocalypse, Now?

  Yesterday I summarized the latest Kevin Love news for A Wolf Among Wolves: “Jon Krawczynski’s afternoon post for the Associated Press affirmed that Flip Saunders and Glen Taylor would consider trading the superstar forward “if the right deal comes along,” a shift from their previous public stance. Krawczynski also reported (via Twitter) that “Love and his reps …read in detail