Roster Review: A.J. Price

  It’s officially roster review season over at A Wolf Among Wolves! I kicked things off yesterday with a review of A.J. Price, who tallied 99 total minutes on the floor for Minnesota in 2013-14. An excerpt: “It would have been nice to see Price get more minutes than he ultimately received. It’s tough to …read in detail

Update: J.J. Barea’s Isolation Blues

  Earlier this season, I wrote about a troubling trend within the Timberwolves’ offense over at A Wolf Among Wolves. The star of the piece was Minnesota’s backup point guard (and lightning rod) J.J. Barea. A brief excerpt: secured online loans “Nowhere are Barea’s faults highlighted more vividly than at the ends of quarters. When the Wolves gain possession …read in detail

“He Was Trying to Make a Touchdown”

The Minnesota Timberwolves’ season in review A year ago today, Timberwolves fans faced a great deal of uncertainty. David Kahn was still gainfully employed. Kevin Love was rehabbing from a hand injury that cost him most of the 2012-13 season, as well as “minor and proactive” surgery on his knee. Andrei Kirilenko held a $10 …read in detail

Should Dante Play?

  The Minnesota Timberwolves face a very delicate situation regarding Dante Cunningham, who’s been arrested twice in the past week. I unpacked all the pertinent details regarding whether or not he should be allowed to borrow money to suit up during the season’s final handful of games over at A Wolf Among Wolves: Obviously, both incidents are troubling. …read in detail

If a Team Falls in the Forest

  I recapped the Wolves 114-104 loss to the Orlando Magic over at A Wolf Among Wolves, which many in the Twin Cities didn’t see, because FSN North didn’t cover it. “Did you even watch this game? There were several reasons why you probably didn’t. For one, Fox Sports North didn’t televise it, even though its broadcast …read in detail


  I rec cialis lilly apped Wednesday night’s Wolves victory over the Hawks over at A Wolf Among Wolves, though I spent much of the piece describing the kerfuffle the tweet above caused… Naturally, such a provocative statement captivated the assembled media, but there was one person who was not amused: Mr. Seehusen himself. Once he caught wind …read in detail

Joystick Killjoy

Very late last night, I recapped the Timberwolves’ 129-106 loss to the Houston Rockets over at A Wolf Among Wolves. “We probably should have seen it coming, given the Wolves’ emotional victory over the Mavericks the night before, as well as Minnesota’s terrible track record versus Houston this season. The Rockets have led by at …read in detail

Fire and Nice

Over at A lilly cialis Wolf Among Wolves, I wrote a few words about Minnesota’s loss to the Charlotte Bobcats. Along the way, I touched on the team’s lack of visible chemistry: Ever since you-know-who started talking about body language incessantly, and to the point of absurdity, I’ve tried to avoid the subject. It’s far too subjective for my …read in detail